Janice's Doings in Tübingen

English Stories

Stories I've written for an English conversation group in Germany

These are little snapshots of my life and thoughts while living here in Tübingen, Germany.  Each story is followed by a few little exercises and a few topics for further discussion in an English conversation group.
Each story will also have audio so that readers can listen to my authentic SE Pennsylvania accent while reading along.
Hopefully each story will also have a small glossary explaining more difficult or obscure words.
Please sign the Guest Book if you enjoy these, want to read any particular topic or have any constructive feedback for me!  Thanks!  - Janice

Snapshots 1-4
   1. Turning fifty
   2. Having six kids
   3. How I met my husband
   4. Weather (and Nature)

Snapshots 5-8
   5. What kind of role model is made?
   6. Passing on my mother language to my children
   7. Favorite foods of my childhood
   8. Visiting 'didacta', Germany's yearly education convention

Snapshots 9-12

   9. National pride
  10. Trees
  11.  Kid Noise
  12. 'Stammtisch'
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