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Little Creatures from pine cones, acorn caps, etc. - October 2011

As we don't celebrate either Halloween or the USA Thanksgiving here in Germany, I put my focus on the bounty of autumn and the brisk fresh air which just draws one outside to wander and gather.

Here's a cute menagerie made by a class of 3rd graders.  With lots of natural materials on hand as supplies,
they just let their imaginations go wild and came up with wonderful results.

Supplies gathered from various nature walks included:
acorns, acorn caps, pine cones, thistle heads, coneflower heads, black-eyed susan heads, chestnuts, prickly chestnut cases, sunflower seeds, elder blossom branches, elder berries, maple seeds, twigs, beech seeds and casings and the mystery 'berry' in the first picture!

... a trio of friends
The right-most owl was the big inspiration here. I purchased this little guy years ago from the John Audubon Center in Oaks, PA, where each winter season they have an amazing display of hundreds of creatures: big-eyed owls, an orchestra of mice, regal deer -- all made from plants in the area. It's worth checking it out if you are in the area.

... a little scene
(prickly chestnut case, black-eyed susan flower head, elder blossom branch)

... another creature
(with the mystery 'berry' tree)

... a hedgehog relaxing
(coneflower head, acorn cap, elder berries, mystery berries,
chestnut case, elder blossom branch)

... a cute creature
(pine cone, acorn caps, dried elder berries, coneflower seed head)

... a friendly hedgehog
(Idea courtesy of: http://theenchantedtree.blogspot.com/2011/03/cone-flower-hedgehogs.html)

... and a little squirrel

Baby Bottle Planters

While I was cleaning up the other day, I came across these sweet half-sized baby bottles that I just haven't been able to bring myself to throw out.  They've been sitting around for quite some time, considering my youngest is now 6 years old.  So, I went to the garden store, bought some little plants which are hopefully of the care-free sort and planted them.  They seem to have survived the transplanting process, i.e. squeezing and shoving them inside the bottles, so now I have a sweet mini garden.
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